Sunday, December 23, 2012

Help For Used Panties Buyers Can Be Found on Twitter

Friends of used panties buyers are taking to the social media to help other used panties buyers be aware of frauds and scams out on the internet. If you buy used panties online you'll want to watch or follow these Twitter accounts for updates.

For those who buy on ebanned, TruthfulPanties ( is an account that tweets the latest news about possible scams and questionable sellers you'll come across there.

Seth VonAcken ( is a panty buyer who says he has been ripped off numerous times himself and receives DMs regularly from other Twitter used panties buyers who say they have been ripped off by used panties sellers on Twitter. His tweets help to identify panty sellers on Twitter who have shown that they can be trusted.

Check them out to stay safer on your used panties buying travels.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Used Panties and Mixed Wires

I've had several guys message me here lately about bad sellers. Here's the deal though, someone is giving you faulty advice. This blog is for corporate rip-offs and cheats. When you want to report an individual used panty seller who ripped you off, please warn others of her on my other blog made just for reporting individuals. You can find it here:

It is sad that scammers are still out there ripping off used panty buyers left and right. The trend I see is coming from Twitter. Be careful out there. If you see a girl on Twitter selling used panties, check to see if you can find a profile and feedback history for her on a reputable used panty sales venue or if she is an independent member of Panty Trust before you trust her with your money.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Congratulations Panty Trust

A big shout out of Happy tenth anniversary to the guys and gals over at Panty Trust. It took a momentous occasion to drag my ass off the couch and take my nose out of the crotch of my favourite dancer's well seasoned panties and update this blog. I happened upon the news that Panty Trust is now a decade old. Great news for us panty buyers that Panty Trust people are still going to bat for us guys after ten years. It's our money that makes panty selling possible so hat's off to those of you at Panty Trust for actually giving a shit about how we buyers are treated.

For those new to the panty buying lifestyle, while there are a tonne of places working for panty sellers, Panty Trust is the only organization out there that exists solely to advocate for the fair treatment of panty buyers. It started out as a handful of panty buyers on a forum sharing a  list among themselves of panty sellers they'd bought from and had good buying experiences with. It's come a long way since that list ten years ago. They've got several hundred people involved and running the organization as selfless volunteers now. Before they OK any new seller for their list, every Panty Trust member must give a yes vote to her. Once approved, there are strict criteria that the panty sellers must always follow to show the organization's logo. This means that these guys weed out the rubbish and present you with only the very top rung of panty sellers out there. You probably will never need it if you buy from a seller on their list but if you have a problem with a seller showing their logo they'll take care of it for you. The best part for us panty buyers is that if you buy from a seller on their list you automatically are 100% covered with their guarantee protection and it is completely free of any cost to the buyer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Scam

I usually write on topics that apply mostly to used panty buyers but this new report is important for girls that want to sell panties online and are looking for free advice on how to sell used panties online. I have learned that a new advice site has opened called Used Panty Selling Advice at . What's the problem? Plenty I'm afraid.

A peek at the whois for the site shows the person who owns and runs it is no other than "Amber Fellows" the stage name of the person who runs and countless other websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, and hate/spam rags. Most who have read my blog over the years will remember that name with not so fond memories. She hasn't been around much lately but for a time was selling on all the panty sites a few years ago until she disappeared. Is she a panty seller new panty sellers should look to for advice? You be the judge.

According to information provided on the web, "Amber" was barred from selling on Panty Hog and MyUsedPantyStore due to buyer complaints around 2008 and her feedback history on ebanned shows that ebanned finally shut her down in August of 2009.

Here is the real ugly kicker. According to "Amber Fellow"'s own posts on her blog, she was a  long time member of Panty Trust at some point and Panty Trust ended up revoking her seal and membership. What this actually means is that 300 Panty Trust members, her fellow used panty sellers, voted to revoke her Panty Trust membership. 300 of your "sisters" voting to boot you out of the house seems to suggest that they clearly found some pretty damning evidence against her being an ethical panty seller that provides good customer service.

Forward a couple of years later and this person banned from selling panties on sites all over the panty community is now going to give advice to new panty sellers? Once again, something stinks in pantyland. While we watch and see exactly what kind of scheme this person is running, buyers are warned to proceed with caution. The last thing we panty buyers needed was a school where tricks and cons that panty sellers can use to ripoff buyers are taught. The panty selling venues and 300 of the web's most established and trusted sellers don't come together and demand that a fellow seller be banned without a very good reason. For the safety of our hard earned money, we need to assume the worst here.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ebanned Over Run By Scammers, Fakes, and Thieves?

Long time ebanned used panty buyer Thom Thumb reports that most of the purchases he makes now on end up being disappointments, and no less than 30% of his transactions end up being with fakes, frauds, and theives ( Thom's complaint comes on the heels of a ebanned member uprising over the ever growing amount of sales and associated extreme-type graphic images there for human piss, feces, sperm, blood, nasal mucus, and saliva. Recently long term sellers have begun to complain bitterly about a lack of bids and return on their insertion fee investment. Web stats for ebanned do show that it appears to be hemorrhaging traffic. Meanwhile, the userbase and transaction volume at the start up site MUPS ( is building so fast, it looks as if it is tethered to runaway freight train. Coincidence? Are all the quality sellers going from ebanned to MUPS leaving only the bad guys behind to rip off buyers? Or are the good sellers leaving ebanned because the bad sellers are there? Does one have anything to do with the other? Most likely it is a mix of everything. Regardless, ebanned users in the know are urging extreme caution when making purchases there. Best course of action is for buyers to stick together and communicate with each other to avoid bad transactions. What are your findings and thoughts? Share your comments please.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Death of My Panty Store

I've reported several times here about the problems over at and the danger it posed to the panty fetish community. It seems the panty world may finally be a somewhat safer place now that My Panty Store seems to all but officially closed down. Apparently there was some sort of a shake up when sellers and buyers expressed concern about the owner's actions which ended with a mass exodus of sellers from the site. With the sellers went the buyers and faced with an empty site, the owner decided to take the site completely offline.

Almost two weeks later, the owner seemed to have a change of heart and the site magically appeared again with no explanation. Save for a few initial posts by angry ex-members, the site is now a ghost town. The only significant action in the last two weeks is that the owner did create a new very odd identity and is now calling himself Umopdm. There hasn't been any explanation of this change in identity but that's no surprise to anyone who's followed this nightmare since its beginning.

My advice to buyers at this point is to not drop your guard any time soon. Even Though may be no more, there is no reason not to suspect that its owner will not continue to attempt to grief buyers on other panty sites.

Buy carefully, and please continue to report problems found so that they can be reported here to help your fellow buyers.

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Panty Store as a Pay Site? The Answer is Simple

Okay already. I keep getting email wanting to know why I haven't said anything about MyPantyStore's announcement that they will be charging people $5 to $10 or more per month to use the site. Andy gives all kinds of bullshit excuses in his announcement about why you should give him a handout. I won't insult anyone with repeating the gibberish except to say that he claims it will cut down on the tremendous amount of fraud and scams that have been reported there since it started. Funny, last time I checked, pressing a --Delete Member-- button wasn't really all that financially draining. If he actually really wants to cut down on the frauds, cheats, and scams filling his site, to me it is obviously only because others doing it is cutting into his take (See all the stories below).

Anyway, the reason for the charge is a simple as they come. He figures anyone that is stupid enough to set foot into that sewer is also stupid enough to pay him for the privilege. Yeah, kinda like stealing a retarded kid's lunch money.

Next question?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dirty Tricks and Deception - Now Targeting eBanned

Some time ago I reported on the dirty tricks being played on innocent buyers by the guy running Mypantystore. One of my sources this week tipped me off to a whole new game being played this time targeting used panty buyers on eBanned. Obviously the owners of eBanned would never allow Mypantystore to advertise on their site especially after last summer's incidents of spamming. Has MPS figured at a way around their eBanned banning? I'll let you readers be the judge. Let us take a look at what we have...

A paid banner ad now running on eBanned is advertising a site called . When that banner ad is clicked it takes you to the front page of which features photos of a model from a professional adult content photo studio set. The average Joe can quickly figure that the woman in those photos has nothing to do with the site and definitely not with any panties being sold there. We see these kinds of bogus sites all the time, but here is where it really gets interesting. Right on the front page where eBanned visitors will land is a huge ad for Mypantystore. Coincidence you say? Not so fast. Let's look at a photo on the mypanties4you front page:

Recognize that photo? Seen it somewhere before? In fact you have. When people build websites they often reuse the stock photos they have on hand. It is the very same photo the website author used right there on the front page of Mypantystore:

Let's look even further. When I checked for the username "mypanties4you" on eBanned, I saw that they had one feedback:

Looking at the feedback of the user who left the feedback for "mypanties4you" I saw this:

Notice the problem here? That's right, "Yummy_girl" supposedly bought panties from "mypanties4you", but "mypanties4you" leaves feedback for "Yummy_girl" touting the great value of "Yummy_girl's" item?! Confused? Don't feel bad, obviously the person trying to put together this transparent feedback padding ruse was really confused too. Sure looks to me though like MPS is still hard at work doing what ever it can to erode trust in pantyland.

I don't know whether to laugh at how pitiful this whole MPS business is or to puke knowing that in a world where tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians are fighting and dying we still have scumbags out there pretending to be women and ripping honest guys off. I've had dozen of women write to me telling me that it is unfair to lump them in with the dirty tricks being played by MPS just because they list there. Sorry, I stick by my standard reply: there are many honest selling sites to sell on. If you choose to sell on a site that continuously works to deceive and dupe buyers then you are just as guilty and buyers should avoid you entirely.

Buy safe guys and keep those tips coming. It is your money - demand fair treatment.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer and the Economy Bring Out the Cretins

I've been noticing and hearing reports from other buyers about an upsurge of fraudulent sellers lately. Summer always seems to bring out the amateur scammers as school lets out. No doubt the world's economy is responsible for many scammers looking to make a fast buck. One new scam I learned about from a reliable source in the panty community is definitely something every buyer needs to be aware of. It seems a growing number of scammers are stealing photos from amateur porn stars web sites and using the porn stars' names and photos to sell buyers panties. The web is so huge that the scammers are taking the bet that they'll get several orders paid for before the real person realizes that their photos and name are being used and takes action.

The good news is that my birdie tells me that the Major panty selling and auction sites are aware of the scam and are checking out new sellers carefully. Just to be safe, always Google a new seller's name or username before deciding to send them your hard-earned cash. If your search results turn up something strange ask the seller to explain and see what response you get. Any honest seller will be happy to help a buyer with any questions. Don't forget that if you uncover a scam to report it to the administrator of the site where you found the sales listing and make an entry in the individual wall of shame blog.

Thanks to all who continue to keep me up to date and in the loop. Please keep your tips and findings coming. Together, we can actually do something to combat the scammers and frauds.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - Something Stinks in Panty Land

Mypantystore has been added to the wall of shame

The internet and panty land are abuzz with horrific stories of fraud, fakes, theft, lies, spam, cheating, threats, and unrestrained and unmoderated harassment of individuals in the community. This time however it isn't coming from a single bad egg but is reported to be festering and spawning from an incubator called mypantystore.

I am completely floored by the number of stories and incidents being reported from the registered users of mypantystore who paint a very graphic picture that is easily confirmed by a quick jaunt through this panty sales site's forum area and a browse of its small but appalling membership. This place, my fellow panty fans, can only be described as panty land's Hell. Guys posing as female sellers and posting photos of women they've found on the internet have a complete run of the place and attempt to defraud any buyer that can't see through the ruse. Although it is obvious that the profiles are fakes it seems that some newbie buyers continue to get stung. The forum there reads like a horror show with newbies crying out for help and spilling their stories of how there money has been stolen from them. What a mess it really is. Mypantystore's existance is a real black eye for the panty community and will definitely scare away new sellers and buyers who see this shit and might not be aware that the majority of other people and web sites in the community are honest and good.

With its forum filled with pleads from the few who didn't know enough to recognize the farce you might ask yourself why the owner of the site doesn't do something about it. I personally have been repeatedly spammed by Mypantystore through my ebanned and panty hog IM accounts. Spamming, fakes, lies, and cheats. Beware of this site guys, it is pure sleaze.